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Other Massages

Sports Massage

For athletes of all levels and active sports enthusiasts, a Sports Massage incorporates movement and massage to reduce injuries and alleviate inflammation. The Sports Massage incorporates a unique combination of stretching and brisk strokes to relieve fatigued muscles. This massage helps reduce the chance of injuries and promotes flexibility while enhancing athletic performance and recovery time. The Sports Massage can become an integral part of the overall health and fitness regime of an athlete, professional and novice and is perfect for both pre- and post-event strategies.

Sports Massage Palm Beach

Sports Massage Cost

1 hour: $74.95, 1.5 hours: $109.95, 2 hours: $144.95

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Mother To Be Massage (Pregnancy Massage)

A gentle use of touch and skillful massage is afforded to you as the mother-to-be. A pregnancy massage helps relieve the aches and discomforts associated with pregnancy. The Pregnancy Massage provides a specific massage just for you, catered specifically for each woman’s individual needs. Pregnancy massage focuses on areas that tend to be problematic for pregnant women including weight-bearing joints, the neck and the back. Pregnancy massage helps promote relaxation and helps prepare the body for labor by loosening muscles and using passive stretching movements to ease the hip joints. This massage is designed to achieve overall relaxation and relieve both mental and physical fatigue. Pregnancy massages are available after 12 weeks of pregnancy and may continue after birth for total wellness.

Pregnancy Massage Palm Beach

Mother To Be Massage Cost

1 hour: $79.95, 1.5 hours: $114.95

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"Back" Again Massage

Massage therapy has several potential health benefits for back pain sufferers, including: increased blood flow and circulation, decreased tension in the muscles, and increased endorphin levels or “feel good” chemicals in the brain. Our Palm Gardens’ massage therapists will apply Swedish massage techniques and pressure point work on your tired, aching back muscles to bring you relief and relaxation. With the “Back” Again Massage, you can experience relief from back spasms and back irritation to improve your range of motion in the back area.

Massage for Back Pain Palm Beach Gardens

"Back" Again Massage Cost

30 minutes: $54.95, 1 hour: $84.95

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Refresher Massage

Escape your hectic life and let one of our specialized massage therapists provide you with a stress-relieving, 30-minute massage. This Refresher Massage offers quick rejuvenation and relief in the arms, neck, and scalp areas. Unwind and relax as you enjoy the benefits of this healthy massage. Treat yourself during a lunch break or any time you need a quick escape.

Lunch Refresher Massage Palm Beach

Refresher Massage Cost

30 minutes: $44.95

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Chair Massage

Are you new to Massage Haven? Perhaps you are short on time? A chair massage at Massage Haven is a great solution and provides the perfect introduction to massage at our new Palm Beach Gardens’ massage center. Give your body a quick relaxing break while gaining from the many benefits of massage focusing on the head, neck, shoulders, back and neck. Your massage therapist can perform this massage over your clothing in one of the ergonomic massage chairs in our relaxing environment.

Chair Massage Palm Beach

Chair Massage Cost

$1 per minute, 15 minutes min./30 minutes max.

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Enhance any massage with the powerful effects of pure essential oils for the ultimate in stress reduction. These essential oils are derived from plants, herbs, flowers and roots and have beneficial therapeutic qualities.
When combined with massage, aromatherapy can enrich the massage experience immensely. Essential oils can have antiseptic properties including antiviral, anti-inflammatory, pain relief and can act as an expectorant and antidepressant. Aromatherapy can also help provide relaxation and improve digestion. From Lavender, Peppermint, Rose and lemon, these essential oils can be massaged into the skin, inhaled directly or diffused to scent the entire room. Transport your body into a world of total relaxation with Aromatherapy from Massage Haven.

Aromatherapy at Massage Haven Palm Beach Gardens

Aromatherapy Cost

Add to any massage for $10.00

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Add Hot Stone to Any Massage

Enhance any massage with the powerful effects of the hot stone. An ancient healing remedy, Hot Stone Therapy uses heated, smooth Basalt rocks to heat and relax the muscles. The deep penetrating heat of the stones combined with traditional massage techniques delivers a unique experience.

Hot Stone Massage Haven Palm Beach Gardens

Cost of Adding Hot Stone to Any Massage

Add to any massage for $25.00

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