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About Massage Haven

Personalized Massage Services

Our Palm Beach massage therapists provide a custom, life-enriching plan for your maximum wellness in our newly opened massage health spa designed with your relaxation and health in mind. Our expert massage therapists can help develop a massage treatment plan just for you based on your personal preferences and needs over a specific period of time. Or, you might prefer an occasional massage to reduce your stress and relaxation. Either way, your preferences are important in creating your personalized massage plan. If you do not know specifically what style of massage you prefer, please let us know when you book your session and we will help you determine based on your specific needs. Our therapists can use a variety of styles to create a custom session just for you.

Massage Therapy Fits Your Lifestyle

Our Palm Beach Gardens’ massage therapists are experienced, licensed health professionals who have built a career in massage therapy to provide individual treatment. Selecting the right massage therapist is an important aspect of your satisfaction at Massage Haven. Your initial consultation will help us determine which massage therapist fits your needs. We want you to know that flexible options are available for your health and wellness to fit your lifestyle.

Couple’s Massage in Our Palm Beach Gardens’ Relaxation Center

It’s time to schedule your couple’s relaxation massage in our Palm Beach Gardens’ massage center. We have designed a special room for you and your partner, friend or family member. This is a great opportunity to introduce someone who is important to you to the benefits of massage. Together, you’ll share the Massage Haven’s massage therapy experience in our relaxing couple’s room, one of the few places in Palm Beach where you can enjoy a therapeutic couple’s massage.

Each of you will receive a completely customized massage, designed for your individual needs on that day. If one of you needs deep tissue work, but the other just wants to relax and escape, your therapists will accommodate your needs and harmonize a perfect session for both of you. You’ll both leave feeling renewed, relaxed and more connected with the memories of your shared massage.

So, take time from your busy lifestyle to relax and rejuvenate together as our massage therapists renew your energy, keep you healthy, and promote a stress-free lifestyle.

It’s Time to Relax and Rejuvenate.

We know exactly how you feel and we want you to be at your best. We take great pride in providing you with the most qualified Palm Beach Gardens’ massage therapists all under one roof. Whether you are looking to treat yourself to a massage or purchase one of our gift cards for someone special, we know you will value this experience from Massage Haven.

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9920 Alternate A1A, #810 
Palm Beach Gardens, Fl. 33410
(Located in the Promenade Plaza)
Open Weekdays 10am-8pm
Open Weekends Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 11am-6pm
We accept Cash, Visa, Master Card, Discover and Debit Cards. MM26332

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